Estate Planning

Estate Planning – Leave a legacy not a headache

Even when a death is know to be pending, the sudden realization it has occurred can be unsettling and distressing. to even the most calm and collected individuals. If the death is sudden, everyone will be in shock, confused and upset. Family and close friends could have enough to think about planning funeral or other arrangements.

Unless you take action and plan in advance. Decisions from funeral with burial or immediate cremation can be planned. Final interment location or ashes scattered in the wind? All can be settled in advance.

Six Major reasons to plan your estate

First – The final decision. Most people fail to understand without a will, most states have standard distributions of assets. Your state laws will direct how your estate is divided. If you die without a Will and have no heirs, the estate could pass to the state. Who should make the decisions? You or a judge?

Secondly – all bets are off when money is on the table. Upon your death, your loved ones should mourn, not battle. However, even the closest family can fracture fighting over possessions. What was promised to whom and when? Split equal or extra to someone specific? When it comes to your wishes, there should be no room for misinterpretation that could lead to conflict or legal action.

Thirdly – if you have minor children, a Will also designates who will care for them. Without a Will, the court must decide who will be your children’s guardians. With multigenerational families extremely common, the care for grand-children could be an issue. A lawyer prepared will, strong – clear – concise, can insure your wishes are expressed and honored.

Fourthly – do you want to leave a legacy to a charity or a good cause? Without a will, the state decides were assets are sent. The estate could go to a spouse, children or others, not to a treasured bequest or endowment.

Fifthly your peace of mind. According to a recent LegalShield survey, people with Wills are more likely to feel positive emotions: 40% peaceful, 37% confident and 26% empowered compared to those that do not prepare.

Finally, a LegalShield membership includes the preparing a will, living will and Power of Attorneys. Annual updates and reviews are included. Need a trust or special estate matters addressed, membership provides a 25% discount off of standard rates.

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Note: This is just a summary of the features of this plan.