LegalShield Overview – Major key points to know and understand

LegalShield 14 Areas of Law – The broken down into categories and sub-categories.
LegalShield 101 Reasons – and why you need this service.
LegalShield 25 Reasons To Be Legal Ready – Unexpected legal questions arise every day
LegalShield Peace of Mind for Summer – accidents, property rental disputes, consumer questions.
LegalShield Rights for Airline Refund – The two worse times to deal with airlines. Getting on the plane and Getting a refund.


LegalShield plus Home Based Business – how combining can be powerful and protective

LegalShield Supplements

You can add these attachments to your legalshield membership for your personal life needs
Home Business Supplement – Document reviews, demand letters, legal advice.
Gun Owner Supplement – Hunting, Conceal Carry, Open Carry, for employment.
Gun Owners Comparison – How LegalShield compares to other services so you can pick the one best for you.
Trial Defense Supplement – extra trial and pre-trial hours for your home business.
Ride Share Supplement – Get additional legal services while driving to earn money.

Estate Planning

Your legalShield membership includes annual will/estate reviews
Why Have A Will – for your family and loved ones.
Generic Will Questionnaire – use this form to assist in important gathering information
LegalShield Article Make a Will Month – Five Reasons you need a will and estate documents.
Estate Planning for Blended Families – Honey, your kids and my kids are beating up our kids.

Life Changes

From newly graduated to newly married to newly a parent and more – life happens
Legal Needs at Life Stages – Overview
Legal Needs at Life Stages – Living with Teenagers
Legal Needs at Life Stages – Births, Adoptions, Guardianship and more family additions
Legal Needs at Life Stages Marriage – Name changes, Prenups, Child Support, Child Custody

Real Estate and Home Ownership

ID Shield Home Title Monitoring – How ID Shield can help monitor real estate titles for transfer fraud.
Legal Protections for Real Estate Buyers and Sellers – know what you are signing and why

ID Shield

ID Shield Membership – Overview and features
ID Shield 50 Reason – why you need, why you want ID Shield
ID Shield Dark Web – you life is on the internet, understanding Public, Deep and Dark web
ID Shield Tax Fraud – Tips for avoiding but if it happens, ID Shield steps in.
ID Shield Holiday Tips – Annually ID Theft and Fraud doubles during the holidays
ID Shield When On Vacation – Tips to prevent your Identity from taking an additional trip without you.
ID Shield Unemployment Fraud Guide – needing to apply for unemployment is hard enough, don’t let fraud take it away from you.

Professional Drivers

Delivering food, groceries, auto parts, medical samples, legal documents or commercial freight? You need your license to earn a living.
LegalShield CDLP Comparison – How do the different CDL Driver’s plan compare? Get the best for you.
CDLP Basic – The LegalShield Basic CDL program might be all you need.
LegalShield Super CDLP – Specialized carriers, OTR and other high mileage drivers might want to consider the Super CDL plan
Ride Share Supplement – Get additional legal services while driving to earn money.

Small Business Plans

LegalShield plus Home Based Business
Home and Small Business Plans

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Survey 2019
LegalShield After Natural Disaster
Legal Shield Enhance Employee Wellbeing

*These documents are not to be considered contracts of services and are only sample information for your reference.