LegalShield as an Employee benefit

Employee Benefits can be the difference between attracting, hiring and retaining quality employees. Money is not always everything and quality ‘extras’ can be the tipping point.

Offering LegalShield and ID Shield plus there affiliated memberships to your employees can bring an attractive option. By enrolling as a group under the employer umbrella some memberships can a reduced cost. LegalShield, ID Shield and CDLP {company drivers of all flavors} can be provided at a discount.

Employee paid

Treated as fringe benefit, the cost can be paid by the employee. Payments can be through a Payroll deduction or as Self-Pay by the employee (bank draft or credit card). The option for an employer to provide the payroll deduction option is entirely up to the employer. Regardless of payroll deduction or employee self-pay – the discount membership rates can apply.

Flexibility in options

The employer decides which memberships are available from the entire suite of LegalShield offerings.

Arms length relationship

As the employer you are not entering into a contract with PPLSI / LegalShield – you are providing your employees a conduit for access enabling the employees group rates.

Explore your options

If you would like more information about offering PPLSI’s LegalShield memberships to your employees – contact me to schedule a presentation.

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Note: This is just a summary of the features of this plan.
Restrictions on group rates apply. Rules and conditions will be reviewed during consultation.