Commercial Drivers

Commercial Drivers – who are they

People erroneously assume that only big-truck drivers going long haul between states are commercial drivers. There are many people that earn money by driving a vehicle. From small ‘personal’ cars being used for GIG work or taxis to pickups and vans being used for business deliveries.

Services LegalShield CDLP Provide

Your Drivers License

If you lose your license from the state, you lose everything.

License Reinstatement You and your spouse have 2.5 hours of legal help from a Commercial Drivers Legal Plan attorney## in each of the following situations:

  • You are denied a driver’s license
  • Your driver’s license is cancelled, suspended, or revoked by
    the Department of Public Safety or Department of Motor Vehicles where a right to appeal is provided to you by statute
  • Assistance is needed to reinstate or maintain a driver’s license
    because of job-related or medical reasons.

DOT and Non-Moving Violations

You and your spouse are entitled to defense of non criminal citations issued in your motor vehicle including:
• Logbook • Load spillage • Overheight • No placard • Hazardous material • Permit violations • Equipment violations • No medical card • Overlength • No insurance • Overwidth • No motor carrier authority • Overweight

Personal Beneficial

  • Protect your personal driving privileges’
  • Protect your commercial license and income earning opportunities
  • Covers you and your spouse/domestic partner
  • Covers work vehicle and personal vehicle – including boats and recreational
  • Tax deductible (check with your tax professional for your unique circumstances)

Companies and Employer’s Beneficial

  • The lower drivers’ CSA score – the lower your score
    • The lower your CSA score the better you look to your insurance companies
    • The lower your CSA score the better you look to your customers
  • Annually employees average over one day time off from work to deal with legal problems.
  • Drivers and employees worrying about legal issues are not as focused on their jobs

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  3. LegalShield Super CDLP Not available in all States. Not available in Canada.
  4. LegalShield Enhance Employee Wellbeing

Note: This is just a summary of the features of this plan.
##CDLP Attorneys are a separate group of legal specialists that focus on and are experienced with Commercial Driving matters.