Please do not go direct to enrollment links without talking to myself or a teammate. We do not want you signing up for anything unless you truly value and see the value in PPLSI / LegalShields’ services.

Once you have added any service to your Shopping Cart, you may add additional services before checking out. You can always add other services in the future as needed by calling member services.


You can add any of the Supplements at the same location

ID Shield

Pick the option you need – Individual or Family, One Credit Bureau or all Three major Credit Bureaus.

Small Business Plans

The plan best for you will depend on multiple factors – I will help you pick the best plan without over spending.

Commercial Drivers Program

Remember, this is not just for CDL A, B or C license holders but also for local delivery drivers of all flavors.
I also offer a CDLPSuper plan with additional features and benefits, but it is not available in all states. Before you enroll, check with me if the Super is available to you and if the additional benefits are desired.

Business Builder

Are you interested in being an affiliate and earning money while helping to provide others with legal protections?

These links are provided as an assistance. I will help you sign up off-line if you desire. Please contact me directly with any questions or for assistance.