Landlord and Tenant

Landlord (Owner) and Tenant (Renter) disputes are often misunderstandings. But they can also be out right fraud by either, or even both, parties.

The Landlord/Tenant selection on the app will take the member to a section to enter all needed information.

LegalShield membership gives access for landlords for them to insure they are in compliance with all relevant local, state and federal housing laws. As a landlord, it is important you make sure your rental agreements are clear, concise and legally binding. A poorly written agreement can be costly in both time and money. An even unintentionally illegal contract could result in criminal or civil charges, expenses and fees. It is important that a property owner have all communications verified by legal counsel before being presented to a tenant or potential tenant.

LegalShield can assist tenants and renters by verifying that nothing in the agreements or rules is illegal or improper. More importantly, having a legal review of the lease before you sign can save you lots of headache and problems in the future. It is important you know and understand then adhere to all move in policies and move out/cancelation policies. Failure to do so could cost you any deposits plus additional damages or fees.