Category: LegalShield

Traffic Issues

From minor issues such as parking tickets and non-moving violations thru more serious traffic violations to serious accidents with injuries, a LegalShield membership if your go to source for assistance and guidance. LegalShield may also be able to help with drivers license issues if suspended or revoked. Before you trust what you find and read […]

Personal Injury

Personal Injury runs the gambit of slip and falls to serious bodily damage from industrial or automotive accidents. While you can easily hire an attorney from the billboards along the highway – they generally will focus on major cases. Plus if you sign paperwork with a firm, you are not in an agreement to their […]

Landlord and Tenant

Landlord (Owner) and Tenant (Renter) disputes are often misunderstandings. But they can also be out right fraud by either, or even both, parties. The Landlord/Tenant selection on the app will take the member to a section to enter all needed information. LegalShield membership gives access for landlords for them to insure they are in compliance […]


The United States has stringent (yet convoluted and confusing) Immigration laws and regulations. Everything from initial entry in the USA, to the ability to remain for extended times, seek employment, request full citizenship and more is regulated with umpteen number of laws – some which even contradict each other. A LegalShield membership will provide you […]

Family Law

Family Law is a subject area that common everyday people need on a regular basis. However, the cost or the threat of expense almost always holds people at bay from making the call. A LegalShield membership provides access to legal advise for many family matters including (but not limited to) Adoption Child Guardianship Conservatorship Paternity […]

Estate Planning

Do you want to leave your loved ones memories or madness? Heartache or headache? Clear intent or confusion? Your LegalShield membership includes many critical and important estate planning tools for no additional expense. Many law firms charge $500 or more to prepare a basic will. Married couples or domestic partners will pay even more. For […]

Employment Law

Employment law is a two sided blade. Certainly there are needs for the employee to protect their rights for being hired, being treated and for any discharge. However, businesses and employers must also protect themselves from frivolous or abusive complaints from employees. There are also special rules for Veterans, under 18, disabled, the elderly plus […]


Contract reviews can used for any contract your are being asked to sign. Apartment lease, car purchase, installment loan, employment contract (also covered in employment issued), loaning or borrowing money. You deal with more contracts in a year than you realize and most of the time, you just sign them. Contracts are legal requirements and […]

Consumer Rights

If there was ever one single area where people can use, actually need, LegalShield – it would be consumer rights and consumer related matters. Ranging from employees misunderstanding the products, services, guarantees, etc. or their company provides to down right dishonest businesses or employees. On a daily basis, consumers are used and abused by the […]


Are you receiving collections letters or phone calls about a debt? Are you having wage garnishment, being threatened with garnishment or making other payment arrangements on a debt? Student loan repayment issues? Getting phone calls from credit card companies, payday loan companies or other attempts to collect money? The Collections menu will allow you to […]