Automobile Accidents

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Auto accidents are a common occurrence. You drive enough miles, you drive enough years, you drive enough different places – accidents are going to happen.

They can be caused by weather, being in an unfamiliar place and location, distracted driving or many other factors. And even if you are the good driver – there is no guarantee the other driver or drivers on the road are as alert as you are.

Just recently, I personally watched an accident when a deer jumped in front of a car. It does little matter how good a driver the man was – there was no way for him to avoid the accident.

When an accident occurs – if at fault or not – report it to your LegalShield law firm. You might have additional obligations to report it to the police, your states drivers licensing authority, one or more insurance companies or other parties. Let your law firm be your guide – don’t go with what people tell you or what you think.

An ounce of legal advice beats a pound of legal troubles.